Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog Etiquette ?

If you read a blog everyday are you expected to comment everyday? I have several blogs that I like to read regularly. I feel like I should be inclined to comment, but sometimes I don't have anything to say or know the right words to say. The blogging world is fairly new to me. Is there some kind of unspoken rule about these things?
Thirteen Games I Like to Play

1. Rummikub
2. 10,000
3. Catch Phrase
4. Spider
5. Scattegories
6. Othello
7. BeJeweled
8. Clue
9. Skip-bo
10. Boggle
11. Cranium
12. Word Racer
13. Triominoes

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Absence of Fear

Jewel is probably my all time favorite artist. Her poetry is amazing and her songs bring her words to life. Here are the words to one of my favorite songs. The words with the music are sensual and beautiful.

Absence Of Fear
Inside my skin there is this space
It twists and turns
It bleeds and aches
Inside my heart there's an empty room
It's waiting for lightning
It's waiting for you
And I am wanting
And I am needing you here
Inside the absence of fear

Muscle and sinew
Velvet and stone
This vessel is haunted
It creaks and moans
My bones call to you
In their separate skin
I make myself translucent
To let you in, for
I am wanting
And I am needing you here
Inside the absence of fear

There is this hunger
This restlessness inside of me
And it knows that you're no stranger
You're my gravity

My hands will adore you through all darknesss aim
They will lay you out in moonlight
And reinvent your name
For I am wanting you
And I am needing you here
I need you near
Inside the absence of fear


So much that happens in this life seems to be random. How do you not let the fear of the unknown consume you? Every one has a fun vs. too much risk ratio. I tend to lean towards the too much risk side. I am not a risk taker. I wear my seat belt. I lock my doors when I'm at home alone. I don't like amusement park rides or elevators or flying. And so often my mind gets caught up in the what ifs? What if that car crosses the center line? What if someone tried to attack me? What if I get pregnant and something goes wrong? What if something happens to the kids? Is it normal to think about these things and worry about the unknown? How do you find the balance between living life to the fullest and living a life full of fear? How do you deal with that powerless feeling? Am I the only one that feels this way?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Return

I was sitting here thinking to myself that I should upload a picture for Wordless Wednesday. I went to a friend's blog where I realized it is in fact Thursday. I'm a day late and a dollar short.

I went to JCPenneys today to return three shirts. The were layering tees and looked oh so comfy, but when I tried them on the neckline went all the way down below my boobs. Not a good thing if you are at all modest. I washed them hoping they would shrink a little, but no such luck. I saved the tags just incase. So I went to return them today. The cashier chick gets ready to scan them, hesitates, and asks if I washed them. Yes, I say. Well we don't normally take items that have been washed so I need to call a manager. Ok, I didn't wash them. Does that help? So she calls the manager and loudly explains the situation to the manager well within earshot of me. The manager comes over looking all confused like no one has ever returned clothes before and, she has no idea what to do. She asks what's going on and looks all tore up about the whole situation. Normally people know the clothes don't fit before they wash them she says. Well dumb me! I'm just a simple stay at home mom that doesn't know the correct process for returning unwanted, misshapen clothes. She sighs and crumbles and finally tells cashier chick to go ahead and take the clothes back and under the reason for return put "washed". And you had to hear the way she said washed. So cashier girl takes them back and runs the return and gives me my money back in a not so friendly way. And I wonder why I don't enjoy shopping.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Kid convos

I overheard the following conversation between Olivia and Jody after we struggled for over an hour to get Olivia to GO TO SLEEP!

Olivia: When you close your eyes it feels like you're going on a train.

Jody: Then close your eyes and go on a train ride.

LOL Seriously folks, I can't make this stuff up.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thirteen Random Things About My Week

1. I have survived another week of being a work widow. I have confirmed a few things about myself. I am still afraid of the dark, and I do not enjoy being a single parent.
2. Olivia and I make a great pair. She has enjoyed Jody being gone because that means she gets to sleep in bed with me. I don't know who needs the other worse, me or her.
3. I bought The Davinci Code at a yardsale for .25 and had it read in three days. It was a very interesting book. I found it hard to put it down once I started reading.
4. I am buying some new used furniture this weekend. I am getting a round crib and two dressers. I can't wait to get them in Paxton's room and start organizing.
5. I haven't cooked much of anything since Jody's been gone. I am so tired of eating "kid food" but it's so hard to cook a big meal just for me to eat and the kids to pick at.
6. I found out a sweet deal on satellite internet for cheap in this area. Now I am working on convincing cheap Jody that we should get it.
7. I want to create a blog that better fits my personality, but it isn't going to happen with this internet connection. So I am waiting...
8. I went shopping at JCPenneys and bought 5 new shirts, a tank top and 2 packs of panties for Olivia for a total of $40. Not bad!
9. We had a horrible experience at A&W last night. I need to write the company about it. I was seriously worried if we consumed the food we would get food poisoning. Last time I checked hot dogs were supposed to be hot after you cook them.
10. I took the kids to the lake today. Paxton has never been and it's been a long time since we took Oliva. Everyone asked who we went with. Um, just us. And we had a great time dang it!
11. It cost $6 to go swimming at the lake. When we drove up we were the only ones there. I got out of the van and found a $10 lying on the ground. Woohoo!
12. After we went swimming, we stopped and got pizza which cost $5.33. We ended up having a day of fun for $1.33.
13. I'm going to my friend's house to scrapbook tomorrow. I'm planning on finishing an album for my grandma. I just hope the kids cooperate.">Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Super Mom

Today we went to Taco Bell where apparently a prerequisit for employment is that you must be missing one or more of your teeth. Not the point of my story though. We were waiting for our order when Olivia cries out that her flip flop has broken. She's like, "Mommy what can I do? It's BROKEN!" I look at her. I look at the flip flop. I look at her. I have no answer. I don't know what to do. It's broken. There aren't very many options when your flip flop falls apart. But if I don't have an answer then I might just be human. And mommies aren't human- they're, well, mommies. So I stare at her and try to quickly come up with a brilliant plan that will save the day. And I did. I figured out a way to temporarily fix the flip flop so that Olivia could at least make it to the van without breaking health codes or catching some kind of foot fungus. Mommy saves the day once again. I need a cape.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I did something today I haven't done in over six years. I wore earrings!

In my late teens, I realized that I was allergic to my earrings. My ears stayed sore when I wore them, and they always itched. The last couple years I tried different metals: stainless steel, hypoallergenic, gold, but with no luck. I had several people suggest that I try gold, and I was very disappointed when I immediately had an itchy reaction.

I talked to my mom about it and realized an important fact. My mom's allergic to gold and bad enough that she can't even wear her wedding ring. She suggested I try silver.

While I was in Salt Lake I bought a simple pair of sterling silver studs. I decided today would be a good day to try them. And they worked great! The only soreness I experienced was from poking the earrings through holes that hadn't been used in a long time.

Olivia was fascinated by the earrings. She stared at them for a while, and then proceeded to ask me all kinds of questions. Do those hurt? Do they tickle? Can you feel them? Did it hurt when you put them in? I thought it was cute. And funny that we had never had this conversation before.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thirteen movie quotes that are repeated frequently in my family.

1. That's gonna leave a mark. -Tommy Boy
2. They're ginormous. -Elf
3. Ghost Writer the pattern is full. -Top Gun
4. Game on! -Wayne's World
5. I can't do it captain. I don't...have...the POWER! -Ace Ventura
6. Everyone, back on the boat. -Down Periscope
7. Makes me feel kind of funny, like when I climbed the rope in gym class. -Wayne's World
8. Julie do this. Julie do that. I'm a good looking spider, eh. -Fivel Goes West
9. Be gone long one. -Robin Hood
10. And you can quote him! -Ace Ventura
11. Can you bring me my chapstick? My lips hurt real bad. -Napoleon Dynamite
12. Look at the noggin on that boy. It's like an orange on a toothpick. -So I Married An Axe Murderer
13. I have nipples. Can you milk me, Focker? -Meet the Parents

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006


I sit in front of this blank screen and I get blogger's block. So tonight it is ramblings.

I had a list of errands to run today. I try to make sure I have a list of things to do when I run to town so it isn't a waste of gas. I totally spaced going to the pharmacy and picking up Paxton and my medicine. This is why I should write things down!
Jody is in Memphis for a few days. For some reason the house is easier to keep clean while he's away, but it feels so empty. Olivia is excited that she gets to sleep with me for the next two nights. I'm happy that I don't have to listen to her cry because she doesn't want to sleep alone.
I went through my file box this evening and purged the old records. All I have left is the insurance forms and doctor's bills. I got bored with the sorting so they can wait until tomorrow.
I did some research on blepharospasm. Why can't I be normal?! And I think the consensus for treatment is Botox. Great! The one plastic surgery option I had to go on a rant about not too long ago. The idea of shooting my face up with a deadly bacteria just doesn't seem wise. But if it really works...
I've decided I should no longer watch the nightly network news. The last time I watched the intro I almost ended up in a panic attack. It took me the rest of the evening to convince myself that I didn't need to immediately go out and purchase a year's supply of food. So for my sanity I choose to live in a state of denial.
I got the last picture developed that I need for my grandma's scrapbook. Now I need to get the book finished and in the mail. It's not as creative as I would like, but I think she will like it anyway.
Speaking of food storage: I found two bags of rice today that had weevils in them. Darn bugs! How am I supposed to work on a year's supply of food if bugs keep hatching in it?! I bought some bay leaves because I read that they are a deterant or something. Now I have to figure out what to do with them.
I wish it would rain. And cool down. The heat makes me feel panic attacky. I feel like I can't breathe in it. I'm counting down the days until Fall gets here. I can't wait for cool nights, less bugs, layered outfits and being able to bake without making the house feel miserable.
I brought a box full of books home from Salt Lake and Nebraska. There are so many good reads to choose from that I don't know where to start. Am I the only one that has this problem? It's sad when I find a big selection of good books to be disturbing.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

What's for supper?

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought over a hundred dollars worth of groceries, but tonight I don't feel like cooking supper. I'm baking chocolate cookies right now. Maybe Jody would like chocolate chip cookies for supper.
We were sitting around the table eating a delicious lunch of chicken nuggets, cheese and grapes when Olivia and I had the following converstation:

Olivia: Does syrup have sugar in it?
Me: Yes
Olivia: Then yes.

Suddenly it occured to me she was quoting from the movie Elf- the part where Elf is talking about the 4 food groups in the North Pole: candy, candy corn, candy canes and syrup. Could this kid be any more funny?! I had to laugh for two reasons: 1. My child has obviously seen Elf way too many times and 2. She has picked up my family's unique ability to memorizing movie quotes. I'm assuming that's a good thing. Kids!

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Another Jody-ism

I'm as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a house full of rocking chairs.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Back on the farm again

Since I last wrote, I have driven over 2400 miles. Utah was wonderful. The mountains were beautiful. I could spend days just staring at their magnificent beauty. I haven't been so busy and so tired since my college days. We had activity packed days that turned into late night chats. It was great to get back in touch with friends and family that live too far away.

I made a friend along the way. We offered a ride to members of my parent's ward since we had plenty of room. Belva Wood jumped at the opportunity since she had business to take care of in Provo and had been searching for a way to get there. We talked for hours on end about everything under the sun. There are so many little things that you would never know about people unless you spent way too much time cooped up in a car together. I found so much strength in her story and I will always treasure the time we spent together.

Likewise, on the way home I picked up another passenger Katie. Now that I think about it, I never learned her last name. She is the best friend of my BIL's mother. She sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, a sort of rock star by my LDS standards. She didn't seem to mind my endless questions about how the choir worked and even provided us with a little in drive amusement when we would hear her snores from the back seat.

Yesterday, the kids and I made our way back to Arkansas. It is so good to be home. The quiet can be deafening at times. There just aren't enough kids running around and fighting here. I imagine in a day or two Olivia and Paxton will be bored out of their minds. Right now Mamaw and Papaw are good sources of amusement.

Today I had to run to the store and get some groceries. The fridge was bare when we got home. And then there was the mountain of unpacking to do. Jody lovingly warned me about the pile of laundry he had waiting for me. It's washed and dried, just not folded. Doesn't he know how much I dislike folding clothes? Or cleaning the bathroom for that matter? At least the livingroom and kitchen were emaculate. Maybe some of that training is sinking in...