Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just chillin'

I just finished off a bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream with carmel syrup. It was delicious, but now I'm freezing. I had big plans of sewing this evening, but now that the kids are in bed I'm exhausted. I stayed up too late last night, and Paxton got up at the crack of dawn this morning. Add that to the fact that I'm still feeling blah from whatever it is I have and I'm beat.

We might get some storms tonight. I don't like stormy weather especially when it's just me and kids. I need my man here to protect me. There is a chance he might come home really late tomorrow night.

I have my first Perpetual Projects club meeting at church tomorrow night. That should be a lot of fun with a 2 year and 4 year old in tow. I just hope people show up. It'll stink if I go through all the work of organizing it and setting up and not have people come.

The news is doing a story about the possibility of there being a major fault line through AR and how we are not prepared should a big earthquake occur. It's not enough to worry about the bird flu, terrorists flying into buildings, Iran making nuclear weapons, the war in Iraq, and salmonella-ized peanut butter. I seriously need something else to stress about. *sigh*

I supposed I should take my medicine and go to bed. Morning comes quickly around this place.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Random thoughts

We took Paxton's crib down today. It's a good thing we plan on having more babies or I would be an emotional wreck right now. We put a crib mattress on the floor for him until the toddler bed I left in Nebraska gets here. Olivia is on a pallet beside him. We didn't have this milestone with Olivia because she never would sleep in her crib so we are in new territory. My baby boy is growing up.
I missed Grey's Anatomy due to a tax appointment that was way behind so of course I'm freaking out. None of my friends recorded it! No one! Believe me I've asked. I even tried to watch it on the internet, but it isn't happening on this crappy dial-up. Arg! I think I might go to my friends house and watch it on her computer. She has cable internet and I don't think she would be offended by my intrusion. I gotta see that episode!

And by the way we are getting a sweet tax return. I wonder what will break now?
We had another roast from the cow we had butchered. This roast was a lot better than the last one. Good to know that we didn't waste $200 on tough meat.
Jody is heading for MS, TN, and KY for the week. I don't know who is more sad-me or him. At least I have the kids to keep me company. With all the stuff I have to get done, the week will probably fly by, for me at least.
I found out today that my dad, uncle and thier friends are not coming down for a fishing trip in two weeks. I'm sad because now I don't have a good excuse to clean my house and I always look forward to having some family here. Now I have to convince my sister to come for a visit. That shouldn't be too hard.
We have successfully TTA for 16 cycles- see it can be done! I think we are officially TTC this cycle, if Jody doesn't chicken out. Jody approved my purchase of 3 XS Magic-Alls on the FSOT Cloth Diapering Board yesterday so there must be baby plans in the future.

A Bag Lady

I made a purse/bag because my old backpack diaperbag shelled out on me. I looked at some bags I liked on ebay, but they were out of my price range. While going through some sewing stuff the other day I came across a pattern I bought when the fabric store had patterns for .99 a while back. I bought it thinking that one day it might come in handy. So after taking a few notes on the bags for sale on ebay, I headed to the store for supplies. With a few alterations I was able to make a bag in less than a day, and it turned out great.

I already have several friends interested in buying one. Last night I dreamed about fabric. Today I started cutting out pieces. I'm going to the fabric store tomorrow to buy fabric while it is still on sale. I am excited but nervous. I hope they are happy with my work. I tend to be a perfectionist, but I worry that I will disappoint. And thus I have begun my new venture as a bag lady.

A Mom's Blog

My sister sent me the link to this poetry. Cute stuff! This mom gig is great.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bring on the day of love

I finished Jody's Valentines Day present today. We are extra poor this year so I told him we had to be creative. I used Windows Movie Maker to make a movie with pictures from our wedding day to the present to the song I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash. It turned out so cute! I can't wait to give it to Jody. I'm going to try and upload it to google so I can show my family. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

The sickies

The kids and I have had what I assume to be the flu - fever, chills, body ache, a little bit of sinus drainage. There is an unspoken rule that moms can be see sick no longer than 12 hours. If our sickness exceeds that time frame, we get pouting and grumbling from our spouses. My sick-time allotment is up; luckily, I am starting to feel better. I took some benadryl so I will sleep better tonight and I think it is kicking in. Here's hoping for a restful sleep tonight.