Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer fun

The kids and hubby are all in bed so I thought I'd take a few minutes and play catch up. It's summer time which is always a busy time of year for us. Junkin' is nonstop with auctions and yard sale season in full swing. My booth is doing great. I'm constantly working on projects to sale. I've discovered the joy of Pinterest. I've gotten so many ideas and tried so many things that I've pinned. Some of the things I've made are homemade granola bars, pedestal photo frames, a mason jar soap pump and chalkboard sayings. I have a million more things I want to make too. If only there was more time in the day...

In June, I managed to squeeze in a trip to Ocean Springs, MS with the kids. Anna and her family were kind enough to let us crash in their hotel room with them. It was fun to get away for a week. I absolutely love seeing the ocean. I think I could sit and watch it for hours. Our favorite part of the trip was going to Dauphin Island. The waves were crazy! And it's always fun to spend time with Anna and her kids. She lives too far away so I treasure anytime we get to spend together.

By the end of last school year, I had planned on enrolling Olivia in the Arkansas Virtual Academy. I just haven't been impressed with her middle school and she wanted to go back to homeschooling. Since Olivia is going to be homeschooled, Paxton wants to be homeschooled. And if Olivia and Paxton are going to be homeschooled, I'm not comfortable with Sawyer riding the bus to school alone. So I ended up signing up all the kids for the Virtual Academy. I attended the parent orientation where I realized that the Virtual Academy isn't going to be a good fit for our family. They don't refer to it as homeschooling but "home based public education". Their expectations are ridiculous and it takes the flexibility out of homeschool. So now I've been in a scramble to find curriculum for the kids for the coming school year. I have several homeschooling friends that have given me great advice. I must be a little crazy for adding such a huge responsibility to my plate. But I really feel like this is the best decision for the kids right now, and I'm excited to see where this new journey takes us.

Can I just tell you how upset I am about the death of Cory Montieth. What a tragic loss! Glee is one of my favorite shows and I just can't believe he's gone. I can't imagine the shock and sadness Cory's loved ones are going through. When they announced today that his death was the result of drugs and alcohol, it made my heart sink even more. It's so sad that his addiction ended up taking his life. I wonder what the future of Glee holds? How can the story go one without him?

I guess that is all for now. It's getting late and my bed is calling. Night!